Google: it’s okay to use multiple structured data types on the same page

The Google webmaster team said on Twitter that you can use multiple structured data types on the same page:

As long as you follow Google’s schema guidelines, you can add multiple structured data types to a page as long as they match the content of the page. For example, the same page could contain product markup code and reviews markup code. It’s still up to Google whether they will show rich results or not for the page.

How to create structured data code

Google and Bing support JSON-LD for structured data markup. The easiest way to create structured data markup code for your website is the Rich Results Creator tool in SEOprofiler:

Rich Results Creator for structured data markup

Create structured data markup code now

Structured data code on your web pages can increase the number of visitors that your website gets. The Rich Results Creator tool helps you to create JSON-LD code quickly and easily:

Create structured data markup code

Tom Cassy

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