Google improves PageSpeed Insights tool with real-world data

Google announced in its blog that the PageSpeed Insights tool was improved with real-world data:

“In the past, [the recommendations of the PageSpeed Insights tool] were presented without the context of how fast the page performed in the real world, which made it hard to understand when it was appropriate to apply these optimizations.

Today, we’re announcing that PageSpeed Insights will use data from the Chrome User Experience Report to make better recommendations for developers and the optimization score has been tuned to be more aligned with the real-world data.”

In other words, Google analyzes how fast the pages load for Google Chrome users. The PageSpeed Insight tool categorizes a page as being Fast, Average, or Slow.

The speed of a web page is one of the factors that Google uses to rank web pages. There are many other elements that influence the position of a page in Google’s search results. The optimization tools in SEOprofiler can help you to improve the positions of your web pages:

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Tom Cassy

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