Google: don’t overthink link building

good link building

Google’s John Mueller said in a discussion on Reddit that you shouldn’t overthink link building:

“We mostly differentiate between the primary content & boilerplate (things like header, sidebar, menu, etc), but for the most part, that’s with regards to the content on pages. Most people overthink this: if you’re linking within your own site, just link naturally, use clear navigation, use good cross-linking; if you’re ‘dropping’ links on other people’s sites, well, maybe just don’t.”

How to build good links

Use clear navigation on your website and cross-link your pages when it makes sense. It can also help to take a look at the click-depth. When it comes to links from other websites, don’t just ‘drop’ links in comments, forums, etc. That has stopped working a long time ago.

Concentrate on good links that will have a positive effect on your Google rankings. If you built bad links in the past, remove these links. The tools in SEOprofiler help you with that:

Improve your links now

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