Google confirms ranking algorithm update

Google has confirmed a ranking algorithm update that happened on 12 December 2017.

Which websites were hit by the algorithm update?

It seems that the algorithm update targeted websites with lots of landing pages for keyword permutations. For example, a website might have hundreds of landing pages for “plumber + [city name]”, or “[city name] + [service name].”

In addition, it seems that there were more changes in the mobile results. Websites with low quality content and ad heavy websites also were affected by the update. This seems to be a global update.

How to find out if your website has been affected

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler shows Google algorithm updates in the ranking progression charges. When you click the ‘Details’ button on the page ‘Ranked keywords’, you can see the dates on which confirmed Google algorithm updates happened:

See algorithm updates in the ranking monitor

In this case, the monitored website was not affected by the update. To get further information about the different updates, move the mouse pointer over the Google icon in the chart (when you are logged in to your SEOprofiler account).

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Tom Cassy

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