Google clarifies passage indexing

In last weeks announcement, Google said that they are now able to index individual passages from web pages. Although Google called it ‘passage indexing’, it does not mean that Google indexes individual passages. Google still indexes full web pages. The ‘passage indexing’ change only refers to rankings.

Google passages indexing

Google is still indexing pages

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed this in another tweet:

This change is not live yet. Although Google can do this, it has not been integrated into the current algorithm yet.

Passages are not the same as featured snippets

Google’s Danny Sullivan also said on Twitter that passage indexing is not the same as featured snippets:

Featured snippets show the most relevant part of a page that Google found relevant to a query. Passage indexing shows content that is relevant to a query even if the full page is not relevant to the query.

How to optimize your web pages

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