Google: better start with few and strong pages on your website

In a webmaster hangout on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that it’s usually better to start your website with few and strong pages. After that, you can start to create niche pages. According to John Mueller, it’s a balancing act and almost a strategic decision.

Fewer pages can be better for Google

Ten pages are usually better than 100 pages

“With regards to whether or not you should split things up or combine things into fewer pages:

Ultimately, that’s a balancing act. On the one hand, by splitting things up, you have more pages on your website which might be better focused.

But on the other hand, those pages individually have less value. So if you have ten [pages] of value for your website overall and you split that across 100 pages, then each of those pages is going to get a lot less [visitors] than if you just have ten pages. […]

Some sites say: ‘Well, we have a lot of detailed information. We’ll split things up and we’ll try to rank for those nice charms.’

Other sites focus more on the head terms and say: ‘Well, we’ll combine more of our information on fewer pages and make those really strong pages within our website so that they rank really well for these more generic terms. […]

It’s almost like a strategic decision on your side. My general recommendation to […] the average website is always to reduce the number of pages rather than to increase them.

If you have the choice between making more pages or making fewer pages that are better and you’re torn like ‘which way should I’ go, then I’d recommend focusing more on fewer pages.

Making those fewer pages a lot stronger and then over time, as you see that you really have the ability to make individual niche pages, and maybe that’s something to expand on over time. But definitely, in the beginning, instead of creating […] millions of pages […] you’re usually better off by just having fewer pages that are a lot stronger in search.”

You can watch the video here:

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