How Google approaches ranking algorithm updates

Google’s John Mueller did an AMA (ask me anything) on reddit. He explained that Google does not target individual websites. Google’s engineers focus on the quality of the results for search queries:

“We tend not to make updates to affect sites in a positive or negative way, but rather to improve the search results overall.

Our engineers are not making lists of sites to push up or down, rather they’re looking at queries that people are making, and trying to find ways to provide the best, most-relevant results to them.

Sometimes it turns out that sites are actually much more relevant to some queries than our algorithms initially thought, sometimes it turns out they’re not actually that relevant. It doesn’t mean they’re bad or good sites, they’re just not the best answers to some queries/users.”

How to improve your rankings

If your rankings dropped after Google’s latest ranking algorithm, this does not mean that Google thinks that your website is a bad website. Your website just isn’t as relevant as it could be. Optimize your web pages so that Google finds them relevant. The tools in SEOprofiler can help you to do that:

Make your pages relevant

Tom Cassy

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