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  • Google has announced that they made 52 changes in April. Which of these changes are relevant to your website rankings and how to you have to react to these changes?

    52 ranking algorithm changes?

    Every month, Google publishes the changes that they made during the last month. This April, Google made 53 changes. Not all of these changes are relevant to the rankings of your web pages.

    Some of the changes dramatically changed the way Google ranks web pages on the search result pages.

    New Google

    Which changes are relevant to your web page rankings?

    The following changes have the biggest impact on the position of your web pages on Google’s search result pages:

    • Improvements to how search terms are scored in ranking. One of the most fundamental signals used in search is whether and how your search terms appear on the pages you’re searching. This change improves the way those terms are scored.
    • Keyword stuffing classifier improvement. We have classifiers designed to detect when a website is keyword stuffing. This change made the keyword stuffing classifier better.
    • More authoritative results. We’ve tweaked a signal we use to surface more authoritative content.
    • More domain diversity. Sometimes search returns too many results from the same domain. This change helps surface content from a more diverse set of domains.

    These first two items probably refer to the Penguin and Panda updates that Google released last month.

    Other items in the update list referred to sitelinks. Some search results might get two layers of sitelinks instead of a text snippet. Google also updated the algorithm for local searches and the way titles are displayed for some pages.

    How do you have to adjust your web pages?

    If you want to get high rankings on Google, you have to make sure that your pages offer what Google’s latest algorithm requires. The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler can help you to analyze your web pages for Google’s latest algorithm.

    The optimization method that is used by the Top 10 Optimizer tool SEOprofiler makes sure that it always works with Google’s current algorithm. You will get detailed advice that will make sure that your web pages get high rankings on Google.

    Spamming is not the same as SEO

    People who think that SEO is the same as spamming will have a hard time with Google’s new algorithms. People who use white-hat SEO methods will benefit from Google’s changes.

    If you use spam-free SEO methods to optimize your web pages, your web pages will get high rankings and Google and you don’t have to worry about algorithm updates that target spam and low quality sites.

    SEOprofiler only uses safe SEO methods. If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now:

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