New in the ranking monitor: get the exact number of new visitors that you will get with higher rankings

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly which keywords deliver the most new visitors to your website? Wouldn’t it also be great if there was an easy way to find the keywords that do not require much work to deliver more visitors?

New unique features for your website success

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler now shows the number of visitors that you get for your keywords and it also shows the keywords that could bring more visitors to your site. The new features enable you to focus on the most important keywords. You will save time and you will get better results with your website.

New 1: the keywords in the ranking monitor now show the number of searches

When you open the ‘All keywords’ panel in the ranking monitor, you’ll see that the number of monthly local searches is displayed next to your keywords:

New 2: the ‘Opportunities’ panel shows keywords that will deliver more visitors to your site

We have also improved the ‘Opportunities’ panel. Next to each keyword, you will see the potential traffic increase (PTI) in percent and the absolute number of new visitors that your website will get if you improve the ranking of your website for the keyword:

The potential additional visitors (PAV) number is based on the monthly number of local searches for the keyword, the position change and the distribution of clicks as explained in this article.

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