Free as in beer: manage your links with the improved Link Manager tool

We have released a new version of the Link Manager in SEOprofiler. The Link Manager is a powerful tool that helps you to keep track of your link building activities. It is available in all SEOprofiler plans, including the free demo version.

All of your link partners at a glance

The Link Manager in SEOprofiler shows the links that you build for your website (or for your clients) in a clearly arranged table:

link manager overview

The Link Manager in SEOprofiler automatically retrieves important details about each website, it automatically gets contact details, it automatically checks if a website still links to your site, and much more.

Included free of charge: Contact Finder Pro™

The Link Manager tool in SEOprofiler offers the powerful Contact Finder Pro™ feature. You will get email addresses, phone and fax numbers, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts and much more contact information for the websites in the Link Manager list.

There are several companies who will charge you a monthly fee just for this feature alone. Fortunately for you, Contact Finder Pro™ is included in all SEOprofiler plans.

Fully integrated with all link building tools

The Link Manager is fully integrated with all link building tools in SEOprofiler. When you find a good website with the link building tools, just click the ‘+ LINK’ button and the website will be added to the Link Manager (without leaving the link building tool).

You can also add web pages to the Link Manager while surfing the web. When you find an interesting website, just click the ‘Add link to SEOprofiler’ button and you’re done. The ‘Add link to SEOprofiler’ button works with all web browsers and operating systems.

add link shortcut

Many more powerful features

The Link Manager in SEOprofiler automatically retrieves all relevant information for you and it makes it as easy and as efficient as possible to manage your backlinks. It also checks your backlinks automatically. If another websites removes the link to your website or if the link has the nofollow attribute, the Link Manager will find it out.

The new version of the Link Manager now supports finding contact information for Instagram, Google Hangouts, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Snapchat, Quora, and Vine.

In addition, you can now export contact information for every website (email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter, Facebook) and the website URL is now more visible in the table.

There is also a new link status “reviewed: mentioned without link (NAP)”, if you found a website that only mentions your name, address and phone (NAP). We also added three custom link statuses.

Free as in beer

The new Link Manager is available in all SEOprofiler plans, including the free demo version. In the free demo version, you can use it with a maximum of 100 sites. If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now:

Get your free trial account

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Tom Cassy

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