Do CDNs (content delivery networks) hurt your rankings? Google says no.

On Twitter, a webmaster asked John Mueller whether using CDNs such as Cloudflare had a negative impact on the search engine rankings of a website. He saw a study that claimed that, sometimes, there might be a problem:

“It seems a bad neighborhood or a shared IP might have done the damage here but we do not have any evidence to back this claim except the observations and graphs shared.

As we mentioned before, drops in SEO rankings when going behind Cloudflare rarely happen. Unless you end up sharing an IP with a network of websites that could potentially get that IP demoted with Google.

This is a one-off case we came across out of hundreds of websites we manage that use Cloudflare services.”

Google’s John Mueller said that this was pure speculation and that moving to a CDN makes sense for many websites. He also said that moving hosting can result in a temporary slow-down in crawling:

Website speed is important

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