Disavowing links still works in 2019 – This tool helps you to do it

Dr. Marie Haynes has written a long blog post with the title “Does disavowing links work in 2019? Here are some case studies.” She comes to the conclusion that disavowing links still works:

“We really do feel that there is enough evidence to support the possibility that Google has made some changes to how they assess link quality. We are not the only ones seeing benefits to disavowing.

Stephen Kenwright posted this traffic graph of a site that added 500 domains to their disavow and is now seeing nice changes.”

Marie Haynes does not recommend to rely solely on automated tools to find links that should be disavowed:

“We do think that some of the automated link auditing tools are great for helping to locate your links, and organize them in a way that allows you to do a manual audit. However, we do not recommend relying at all on an automated tool’s determination of whether or not a link is unnatural.”

That means that link analysis tools can help you to find unnatural links. However, you still should use common sense to evaluate the links that point to your site.

How to find unnatural links

The Link Disinfection tool in SEOprofiler is a tool that helps you to find unnatural links that point to your website. Just enter the domain of your website and the Link Disinfection tool will show you links that could be unnatural:

disavowing links still works

You can use the filters above the list to find links that contain particular keywords, links from particular websites, links in particular categories, etc.

The Link Disinfection tool can also create a “Disavow Links” file for you:

disavowing links still works

Optimize your links now

The link analysis tools in SEOprofiler help you to optimize the links that point to your website. You can create your free SEOprofiler account here:

Optimize your links

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