How to get a detailed backlink analysis of any website

Analyzing the backlinks of your competitors can help you to understand why your competitors have higher search engine rankings than your website. The competitive backlink analysis tool in SEOprofiler gives you detailed information about the backlinks of your competitors.

Select the competitive backlink intelligence tool at SEOprofiler > Your project > Spy on competitors > Backlinks and enter the domain name of a competitor.

From which countries do your competitors get links?

The first panel on the result page shows the geographic location of the links to your competitor. This enables you to find out if your competitor is active in international markets:

backlink intelligence

Which links are new?

The ‘Newest links’ panel shows that latest links that we found for the competitors. This enables you to keep track of the link building activities of the competitor. You can replicate these links then to make sure that your competitor’s website does not get better rankings on Google than your website:

backlink analysis

Are the links from trusted TLDs?

The ‘Trusted TLDs’ panel shows you which websites with a trusted top level domain link to your competitors. Some webmasters think that links from top level domains such as .gov or .edu have a higher influence on the position of the linked web page than links from normal domains:

analyze backlinks

Which anchor texts are used?

The ‘Anchor texts’ panel shows you which anchor texts are used to link to your competitor. In general, these words are the words for which your competitor has the best rankings on Google:

link building tools

Which pages get the most links?

The ‘Strongest pages’ panel shows you the pages of your competitor that get the most backlinks. In general, these pages are the pages with the best content. The top pages can give you inspiration for your own web pages:

site explorer

Are the links from related pages?

The ‘Page titles’ panel shows the titles of the web pages that link to your competitor. If the page title is related to the targeted keywords, it is likely that the link from that page has a high influence. Keyword and page proximity influence the value of a link. The close the content of a page is related to the linked page, the higher is the influence of the link:

backlink explorer

Similar to the page title panel, backlinks from URLs that contain keywords that are related to the website might have a bigger influence on the Google rankings of that site. The ‘Domain and URLs’ panel shows you the keywords that are used in the URLs of the pages that link to your competitor:

backlink intelligence

Do linked images contain related keywords?

The ‘Image ALT attributes’ panel shows you the words that are used in IMG ALT attributes of images that are linked to the competitor. Some SEOs say that the influence of IMG ALT attributes in linked images is similar to the influence of the anchor text in regular text links:

backlink intelligence

Which attributes are used to link to the competitor?

The ‘Title attributes’ panel shows you which words are used in the title attributes of links that point to your competitor. The influence of the title attribute is similar to the influence of the IMG ALT attribute:

backlink intelligence

The ‘Link attributes’ panel shows you how many of the links to your competitors use the rel=nofollow attribute and other attributes:

backlink intelligence

The ‘Link tags’ panel shows the type of link that is used to link to your competitor:

backlink intelligence

Download up to 30,000 backlinks per competitor

Depending on your SEOprofiler plan, you can download up to 30,000 backlinks per competitor. The CSV file contains detailed information of every single link so that you can reverse-engineeer the backlink structure of your competitors:

backlink intelligence

Backlinks by category

SEOprofiler offers many more tools that help you to analyze the backlink structure of a website. For example, the ‘Competitor backlinks’ tool helps you to get a categorized list of backlinks.

You will quickly see how many links come from blogs, article sites, forums, etc. and you get detailed information about every link.

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