Confirmed: Google ignores easy-to-get links from forum profiles, website analytics sites, etc.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed in a webmaster hangout that Google ignores easy to get links from forum profiles, website analytics sites and other pages that enable users to easily create links. Although this is nothing new, it is a good reminder for people who are new to search engine optimization:

“How does Google treat backlinks from website analysis websites or user profiles, […] user generated content and automatically generated content sites?

For the most part we ignore those because they link to everything and it’s easy to recognize. That’s something that we essentially ignore.”

You can view the video here:

A few good links are much better than many easy-to-get links

The easier it is to get a link, the lower is the influence of that link on the search engine rankings of the linked web page. A few links from high quality pages have a much bigger influence on the rankings of your web pages many links that are very easy to get (such as links from forum profiles).

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