How competitive link analysis can help your website (with instructions)

Even if you do not intend to copy the backlinks of your competitors, you can use competitive link analysis to your advantage. Regardless of the niche that your business is in, there are always some websites that must link to your site if you want to be successful. Competitive link analysis helps you to identify the authority websites in your niche.

1. How to find related blogs that matter

It can be tough to find blogs that are willing to write about your company. If you contact blogs where your competitors have already been mentioned, it will be much easier to get a link.

To find these blogs, enter the URL of a competitor in the Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler and select “blog” in the “link context” filter. The Link Profiler will show you the blogs that link to your competitors. You will also find out how these blogs link to your competitors:

link filters

2. How to find websites that are willing to link

Finding websites that are willing to link can be difficult. If you find the websites that link to two or more of your competitors, it is very likely that these sites will also link to your site.

The Hub Finder tool in SEOprofiler shows you the sites that link to several of your competitors. Just enter the keyword for which you want to get high rankings in the Hub Finder tool. The Hub Finder tool then retrieves the pages that currently have high rankings for that keyword and it also shows you the websites that link to all of these high ranking sites:

link hub-finder

Usually, this method delivers many relevant and authoritative websites that could link to your site. Just like all link building tools in SEOprofiler, the Hub Finder tool integrates with the link manager (a tool that makes building links much easier).

That means that you can quickly add a website to the link manager, and you will get contact information and other metrics automatically.

3. How to identify linking trends

Do your competitors get many nofollowed links? Are most of the links image links? Do many health related sites link to your competitors? The relevancy of the links is important.

Enter the URL of a competitor in the Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler and open the “industries”, “link contexts” and “countries” pages to see what kind of backlinks your competitor gets:

link industries

Click on an industry name to see the exact pages in this industry that link to your competitor.

Link categories are much more helpful than abstract numbers such as ‘domain authority 15’. Relevancy is more important than arbitrary numbers.

You can also view  from which countries your competitor is linked. This can help you to spot unexpected link patterns:

link countries

Analyzing the links of your competitors can help you to greatly improve the links and rankings of your own website. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to do this as efficiently as possible. Try SEOprofiler now and see for yourself:

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