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  • How to check if other websites still link to your site

    Reliable backlinks are important if you want to get high rankings that last. For that reason, it makes sense to regularly check if the websites that link to your website still link to your site.

    Quickly check the status of your backlinks

    The link manager in SEOprofiler helps you to keep track of your link building activities. In addition, it automatically checks if other websites still link to your site. Websites with broken links will be marked with a red square, websites with nofollow links will be marked with an orange square:

    Everything you need to know about the linking sites:

    The link manager in SEOprofiler automatically retrieves important details about each website. Just click the small triangle next to a website in the link manager list to get the details:

    Link Manager details

    Included at no additional cost: get comprehensive contact information

    The link manager in SEOprofiler offers the powerful Contact Finder Pro™ feature. You will get email addresses, phone and fax numbers, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts and much more contact information for the websites in the link manager list.

    There are several companies who will charge you a hefty monthly fee for this feature alone. Fortunately for you, Contact Finder Pro™ is included in all SEOprofiler plans.

    Fully integrated with all link building tools:

    One click while working in SEOprofiler: the backlink manager is fully integrated with all link building tools in SEOprofiler. When you find a good website with the link building tools, just click the “Add” button and the website will be added to the link manger (without leaving the link building tool).

    One click while surfing the web: you can also add web pages to the link manger while surfing the web. When you find an interesting website, just click the “Add link to SEOprofiler” bookmarklet and you’re done. The “Add link to SEOprofiler” bookmarklet works with all web browsers and operating systems.

    Try SEOprofiler now risk-free

    If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now:

    Create your free SEOprofiler account now!

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