Build backlinks more efficiently

As you know, SEOprofiler offers many tools that help you to get new backlinks to your website. Today, we have added a new feature to the backlink tools that will make it even easier to get new backlinks to your site.

Quickly preview web pages in the link building tools

Starting today, you can preview potential link partners without leaving the tool pages in SEOprofiler. This new feature is available in the weekly backlink opportunities, the backlinks by competitor tool, the backlinks by keyword tool, the hub finder tool, the starter backlinks, the current links optimizer and the link opportunity finder.

Step-by-step: how to add new links

The following example shows how the new feature works with the weekly backlink opportunities tool. Each week, we check the new backlinks to your competitors. The newly found backlinks will be categorized so that you can quickly find the pages that will also link to your own site:

weekly backlink opportunities

Working with the opportunities is very easy:

  1. Select a category in the panels on the left (for example “blogs”). You will find blogs that link to the competitors that are listed in the competitor watchlist on the project overview page.
  2. When you find an interesting page in the list, click the ‘Preview’ link to preview the page.
  3. If you think that the page could be a good link partner for you, click the ‘Add’ button to add the site to the link manager.

It’s as easy as that.

More tools that help you to get backlinks

In addition to the weekly backlink opportunities, SEOprofiler offers several tools that help you to get new backlinks to your site:

  • Backlinks by competitor: analyze the backlinks of your competitors. The backlinks are filtered and sorted by category so that you can find the best backlinks for your own website as quickly as possible. Each report enables you to download a CSV file with up to 30,000 backlinks per website. The CSV file contains additional information about each link (anchor texts, inbound/outbound link ratio, title of linking page, link attributes, etc.).
  • Backlinks by keyword: this tool helps you to find websites that a) link to other sites and b) contain the targeted keyword in the title or URL of the linking page and c) also use the targeted keyword in links to other sites (broad, exact or phrase match). Links from these pages help you to increase the relevance of the linked page for your targeted keywords. The reports of this tool also enable you to download a CSV file with up to 30,000 backlinks with additional information.
  • Hub finder: the hub finder tool enables you to find websites that link to at least two of your competitors. It is usually relatively easy to get a link from such a website and links from hub sites put your website into the right context. Of course, the hub finder reports in SEOprofiler also provide CSV files with up to 30,000 backlinks.
  • Current links optimizer: although links with anchor texts such as “click here” contribute to the natural backlink profile of a website, it is better if links from important websites contain your targeted keywords in the anchor text. The current links optimize tool helps you to find unhelpful anchor texts so that you can change them as quickly as possible. The tool also finds web references, redirects and nofollow links to your site. Of course, you can also get a CSV file with the backlink information.
  • Starter backlinks: the starter backlinks tool helps you to get links from high quality sites. It lists the most influential websites in many categories. The best thing is that all of these sites are willing to add a link to your site.
  • Link opportunity finder: the link opportunity finder in SEOprofiler helps you to find websites that will link to your site. This can be blogs that accept guest articles, websites that accept link submissions, etc.
  • Link manager: the link manager in SEOprofiler enables you to manage your backlinks quickly and easily. It helps you to get contact information, it keeps track of your conversations, it automatically checks your backlinks, it marks nofollow links, etc.

Links that play by the rules

SEOprofiler offers many different tools that help you to get new backlinks to your website as efficiently as possible. The good thing is that all of the tools play by Google’s rules. The links that you get with the tools in SEOprofiler are beneficial to web surfers and they contribute positively to the search engine rankings of your web pages.

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