How to tell your boss that your company needs SEO

Having high search engine rankings is the key to the success of any online business. High rankings are the perfect way to get more website visitors, more customers and more sales. Not all business owners know this. Here’s how to show your boss the importance of search engine optimization (SEO).

This helps a lot.

SEO presents your website to customers who are ready to buy

Search engine optimization helps you to get your website in front of potential customers:
  1. Your customers are on the Internet and they have money. People spend billions of dollars online. These people could be your customers.
  2. Your customers use search engines. Most Internet users find new websites through search engines. SEO makes sure that customers find your website instead of the sites of your competitors.
  3. Search engine users are some of the most qualified and motivated visitors that your website can have. They have taken the initiative to hunt for online resources on a certain topic, and then they clicked your link to learn more.

Your website will be seen by the people who want to buy your goods and services.

SEO makes sure that your customers see the right pages

If you do not optimize your web pages, then they won’t get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

Not all websites can have high rankings. There are billions of web pages on the Internet. It’s obvious that not all of them can be listed on the first results page on Google. Search engines only list web pages that they find relevant to a special keyword. You must make sure that your website is such a site.

If search engines cannot find out that your website is about fishing equipment, they cannot give your website high rankings for that keyword. The process of changing your web pages so that search engines find them relevant is called search engine optimization (SEO).

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