Bing: keyword rich domain names won’t improve your rankings

In a post in Bing’s official blog, Bing’s Duane Forrester said that keyword rich domain names do not improve the rankings of a website.

“The thinking is, basically, that having a keyword-rich domain makes that domain more relevant to the topic. That merely having a popular keyword in the domain will help that site, regardless of content, rank on the high volume keyword. […]

10 years ago, there may have been some truth to this. Ranking today is a result of so many signals fed into the system the words used in a domain send less and less information into the stack as a percentage of overall decision making signals. […]

Domain spamming isn’t new, so sites that provide value, are relevant and that people like will rank as usual. They won’t rank “just because” they have certain words in them, and thinking that keyword stuffing a domain (think: will give you an edge is dangerous. You’ll fall off that cliff in a hurry if abused. If it appears that it’s just all going to bring forward spam, well, you know we aren’t interested in that approach.”

What does this mean for your website?

Getting a keyword domain name just for ranking purposes isn’t a good idea. Of course, keyword domains also don’t hurt your rankings. If you’re in the hotel business, the domain is great.

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