Bing: domain names aren’t that important

In a post on Bing’s official blog, Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing, says that you shouldn’t worry too much about your domain name:

“Domains are, essentially, real estate. And like actual real estate, you encounter a wide array of people trying to accomplish a wide array of goals. […]

You’re launching a business after all. If you’re building a site, planning on hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year, is a one-time purchase of, say, $7,000 ‘too much’? […]

So maybe it is perfect, but then again, maybe you could work with a different domain and save a bundle, too.

Keep in mind the Internet is full of sites with domains that are simple words, made up words or not even words at all. Simple words are desirable because they’re just that – simple. They are all gone, long, long ago in fact, so the likelihood of finding one, and it being low cost are virtually zero today.

And those made up names, don’t be quick to scoff them. A number of well-known sites were founded on domains that may not have even been words in their time.”

Old domains can have a bad history

domain names

So it’s perfectly fine to use a made-up word as your domain name. Old domains can be nice but you can also be successful with new domain names:

“The point here is that with a bit of creativity, you could find the perfect domain very cheaply. […]

Buying domains ‘on the drop’ is perfectly fine, but keep in mind it might have a history. It pays to research that history, as some domains get abused in previous lives and are being dropped for a reason.

In the end, if you’ve got a business to run, or are starting a new one, don’t be held hostage and waste time fretting over your domain. Yes, it’s worth thinking about, and making a thoughtful purchase when you can, but that needs to be balanced against the bigger picture of your business.”

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