Weekly backlink and keyword opportunities by email

Earlier this month, we announced our plans for 2011. We’re happy to report that the first item on the list has been finished. ?

The new opportunities feature automatically monitors your competitors and it sends you new opportunities each week.

1. Backlink opportunities: new backlinks for you

The backlink opportunities show you the new backlinks that we found for your competitors in the last week. To make sure that your competitors do not step ahead you should try to replicate as many of these links as possible.

To make things easy for you, the newly found links in the weekly backlinks opportunities are sorted by topic. You can quickly find new links from blogs, forums, articles sites, directories, etc. in the report.

2. Organic keyword opportunities: new keywords for you

The organic keyword opportunities show you the keywords for which your competitors are ranked in Google’s unpaid top 20 results but not your site.

If your competitors are listed for the keywords for which your own website is not listed then your competitors get additional website visitors that do not know your website at all.

The organic keyword opportunities help you to find new keywords for which you can optimize your web pages.

3. Google AdWords keyword opportunities: better AdWords ads for you

The Google AdWords keyword opportunities show you the keywords for which your competitors bid on Google AdWords but not you.

The weekly AdWords keyword opportunities help you to find new keyword ideas for your own Google AdWords campaigns.

Keep an eye on your competitors

The weekly opportunities are based on the analysis of your competitors. To improve the quality of the opportunities, select a project in your SEOprofiler account and make sure that your competitor watchlist contains websites that compete for the same keywords as your website:

We continually work on new SEOprofiler features and we’re improving existing features based on your feedback. If you have comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know.