Backlink analysis for your browser toolbar: the new bookmarklet

Our free backlink analysis tool (OLP) has received a lot of very positive feedback since the launch of the beta version in February. The reasons for that are obvious:

  • OLP finds more links than other backlink analysis tools.
  • OLP offers sophisticated filters that enable you to find particular backlinks quickly and easily.
  • OLP offers detailed information about all backlinks.
  • OLP is free and it is very fast.

Free, easy and useful: the new bookmarklet for your web browser

The new OpenLinkProfiler bookmarklet enables you to get an immediate backlink analysis of any website with the click of a single button.

  1. Click and drag this button to the bookmarks/favorites bar in your web browser:

    OpenLinkProfiler Check
  2. Surf the web. If you want to get the backlink data of the website you’re viewing, click the “OpenLinkProfiler Check” link in the bookmarks bar of your web browser.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

OpenLinkProfiler Check

That’s all there is to it. Drag the button above to the bookmarks bar in your browser now and see for yourself. It’s free and it’s a very useful tool for every website marketer.

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Tom Cassy

Tom Cassy is the CEO of SEOprofiler. He blogs about search engine optimization and website marketing topics at “”.

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