New: the automatic search engine submitter helps you to submit your website

Modern search engines find websites through the links on other web pages. Although it is technically not necessary to submit a website to search engines, a search engine submitter is one of the most requested tools of many website owners.

For that reason, we have added the automatic search engine submitter to SEOprofiler:

The submitter is very easy to use: enter the URL of a website, select a category and a country and click the “Submit URL” button. That’s all there is to it. Your website will be submitted to 201 search engines and directories.

How to find the search engine submission tool:

The search engine submitter can be selected on the project overview page:


The best websites in each category

In addition to the automatic search engine submitter, SEOprofiler enables you to submit your website to the best sites in many categories with the Starter backlinks tool.

The Starter backlinks tool list the best article directories, the best blog directories, the best yellow pages sites and many other websites that will place a link to your website.

Every site in the Starter backlinks has been hand-picked to find the higest quality websites in each category. The Starter backlinks tool was designed to save you hours of time that would be spent surfing the web to find relevant backlinks to your website.

Optimize your pages and your links

Note that search engine submission is pointless if your website doesn’t have good backlinks and optimized web pages content. Use the tools in SEOprofiler to optimize your webpages and to get high quality backlinks that will improve the position of your site on Google and other search engines.

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