How to analyze web pages while surfing the web

With SEOprofiler, you can quickly analyze websites while surfing the web, even if you’re not a paying SEOprofiler customer.

How to get an instant analysis of any site:

  • Step 1: Click and drag the following link to the bookmark bar in your web browser: Analyze this site
  • Step 2: Click the “Analyze this site” button in your bookmarks bar while surfing the web to get an instant analysis.

Detailed information about the backlinks, rankings and Google AdWords ads

After clicking the button, you will get detailed information about the backlinks, Google rankings and Google AdWords ads of the website.

1. Backlink information

The backlink analysis panel shows you the total and unique number of backlinks, the Link Rank and Link Influence Score of the site, the most popular anchor texts, the strongest pages and much more information:

2. Ranking information

The ranking panel shows you the keywords for which the website has high rankings on Google. You can also see the pages of the site that have high rankings and the competitors of the site:

3. Google AdWords information

The AdWords panel lets you spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of the website. You will see the ads that the website runs, the keywords for which the website advertises and much more:

google adwords analysis

Just click and drag the following link to the bookmark bar in your web browser to get this information for any website that you visit: Analyze this site

The “Analyze this site” bookmarklet is not the only bookmarklet that you can use with SEOprofiler. You can also use the “Add to link manager” bookmarklet to add any websites to the link manager in SEOprofiler while surfing the web.

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