How to add links to the link manager while surfing the web. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 🙂

The brand new link manager in SEOprofiler makes it as easy as possible to manage your link building activities.

Of course, the link manager has been integrated with all link building tools in SEOprofiler. You can also add links to the link manager while surfing the web. It’s very easy:

1. Drag the following button to the bookmarks/favorites bar in your web browser:

Add link to SEOprofiler

You will see an “Add link to SEOprofiler” link in the bookmarks bar then:

This works with all web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome and MS Internet Explorer.

2. Surf the web

When you find a web page that you want to add to the link manager, click the “Add link to SEOprofiler” button in the bookmarks bar of your browser:

SEOprofiler will add the web page to the link manager. If you have multiple projects, you can select the project to which you want to add the page. If you have only one project, the link will automatically be added to the project:

Click the “Continue surfing on the previous page” link if you want to continue surfing or click the “Show” button to get details about the link. If you click the “Show” button, you’ll see the following:

As you can see in the screenshot above, SEOprofiler has already retrieved the contact information and many other metrics for the website. If you need further contact information for the site, click the “Find more contact information” button. Depending on the website, you will get fax numbers, the postal address, social network accounts, etc.

You can use the contact history in the link manager to keep track of your conversation with the other site.

It’s as easy as that! And it’s free!

The backlink manager makes it really easy to manage your links. You can use it while surfing the web, you can use it with our backlink building tools, for example the hub finder, the “Get backlinks by keyword” tool and the “Get backlinks by competitor” tool.

The link manager automatically checks your backlinks. If the other website does not link to your website anymore or if there is a problem with the link, the link manager will find it out.

If you haven’t done it yet, try the link manager now. The free demo version enables you to manage up to 100 backlinks.

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