A backlink hub finder with 180,000 links per report

Hub finders belong to the most popular tools of professional link builders. They help you to find websites that link to at least two of your competitor sites.

Hub finders help you to find good link opportunities

If a website links to two of your competitors, it is likely that this hub site will also link to your site. In general, the websites that are found by hub finders are easy link targets. Getting links from hub sites has another advantage: if a website links to two other websites in your field and to your website as well, search engines will think that your website belongs to the same field.

The more different websites link to your site and related sites, the better will your website be categorized. For that reason, links from hub sites can greatly contribute to the rankings of your website on Google and other search engines.

Do you want 1,000 or 180,000 links?

Current Hub finder sites usually rely on link data from Yahoo’s SiteExplorer. That means they get a maximum of 1000 links per site. Now that Yahoo has begun to display Bing results, this number is decreasing steadily and the quality of the links that you get from Yahoo decreases.

The Hub Finder Pro™ tool that you find on our website uses our own proprietary link database. For each Hub Finder Pro™ report, we analyze millions of backlinks (depending on the number of backlinks that the analyzed websites have).

You even get CSV files with up to 180,00 backlinks along with each Hub Finder Pro™ report.

If you want to get as many good link opportunites as possible, try our Hub Finder Pro™ tool and the Backlink IQ™ tool now.

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