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  • 4 new ways to verify your website

    As you know, you can get a detailed backlink analysis of your website for free on SEOprofiler. You will get an analysis of 10,000 backlinks. The analyzed information includes anchor texts, nofollow links, web references, the titles of the linking pages and much more.

    To get the free report, you have to verify that you are the owner of the analyzed website. Until now, you have to upload a verification file to your website. That was a problem for people who did not have access to the root directory of their site (for example bloggers).

    Starting today, there are four different ways to verify that you are the website owner:

    If you haven’t done it yet, request your free 10,000 backlinks analysis now.


    Welcome to the all-new SEOprofiler

    The blog has been quiet for some time. The reason for that is that we have been working on a major relaunch of SEOprofiler. Starting today, you can access the all new with many new tools, a new design and new features.

    What’s new in the new SEOprofiler?

    The SEOprofiler website has received a complete redesign. All tools are now much easier to access and all tools have been improved. Here are the main changes:

    1. The new Hub Finder Pro™ tool: the fastest way to get high rankings on Google

    Experienced search engine optimization experts will confirm that you can outrank websites that have many more links than your website if you have the right backlinks.

    You do not need thousands of links to get first page rankings on Google. You need a few backlinks that matter. The all-new Hub Finder Pro™ tool helps you to find these links:

    • Find high quality links that will get your website on Google’s first result page.
    • Save time by focusing on the links that deliver results.
    • Eliminate worthless links and get straight to the high quality links.
    • Find pages the search engines use to group your site with your competitors.

    Further information about the Hub Finder Pro™ tool can be found here.

    2. The new KeywordIndex™ keyword tool: more than Google will tell you

    Google’s new keyword suggestion tool shows limited keywords with a focus on competitive terms. Google now only shows keywords that work to their advantage. That’s where our new KeywordIndex™ tool comes in.

    • Discover great keywords that Google won’t show you.
    • Find more and better keywords than your competitors.
    • Find niche keywords and get a higher return on investment (ROI).

    The KeywordIndex™ will help you to find better keywords than your competitors. Instead of raising the bids for your current keywords, find new keywords that will generate a good return-on-investment for a lower price. Further information about the new KeywordIndex™ keyword tool can be found here.

    3. More new tools and improvements

    The improved Backlink IQ™ report now contains to-do tasks so that it is easier to work with the huge backlink data.

    The new neighborhood checker enables you to find out which other websites are hosted at the same IP address as your website.

    We now offer easy backlinks from reputable sources instead of the old submission databases. Quality always wins over quantity. Each backlink source has been verified manually.

    The domain watchlist is now a separate tool. You can check the backlinks of up to 1000 websites at once with the new domain watchlist (depending on your SEOprofiler membership plan).

    The free competition finder lets you know which other websites compete with you for top 10 rankings on Google.

    4. Help, advice and official Google answers

    SEO is not just about tools. It’s also about having better information than your competitors. Our tutorials and checklists will help you to optimize your website more efficiently.

    SEOprofiler is also the only website on which you can search a database of official Google answers to common SEO questions. Search our new Q & A database to find Google’s official answers to your SEO questions. Watch the videos in which Google’s spam head Matt Cutts answers SEO questions or read short summaries of the answers. The summaries are only available at SEOprofiler.

    Our daily updated SEO news are now also available in German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian.

    5. The most up-to-date backlink database on

    Our backlink database is the only backlink database that is updated every minute. That means that you only get up-to-date data with SEOprofiler. If you haven’t done it yet, try our free backlink checker now.

    It’s actually much more than a free backlink checker. You will get the strongest pages, the most popular anchor texts and a lot more information for any website. The up-to-date backlink information will help you to outrank your competitors on Google and other search engines. We’re sure that you’ll love it. :-)

    During the last weeks, we improved our web crawlers so that you now get even more detailed information than before. Backlinks are the key to high rankings on Google. SEOprofiler helps you to get high quality backlinks as efficiently as possible.

    6. Lower prices and money back guarantee

    We lowered the price of the Basic account to make it even easier for you to test SEOprofiler. In addition, you can now try SEOprofiler risk-free with a 30 day money back guarantee.

    All current accounts will be billed with the new lower price. We also added an Enterprise plan to satisfy the needs of larger SEO agencies. If you haven’t done it yet, open an SEOprofiler account now. It’s fast, easy and risk-free!

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