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  • Preview: the Ranking Monitor is coming soon

    Next month, we’re going to add a powerful Ranking Monitor to SEOprofiler. The Ranking Monitor will show you the results of your search engine optimization activities and it will help you to focus on the keywords that deliver quick results. Here’s a first preview of what you can expect:

    1. The ‘Overview’ panel: everything at a glance

    The overview page shows you basic information about the rankings of your web pages:

    (Click the image to see a bigger version, double-click to make it smaller.)

    2. The ‘All keywords’ panel: get detailed information

    The Ranking Monitor enables you to check the search engine positions of your web pages for any keyword. This panel shows you which positions your website has for your keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing:

    The first colum below a search engine name shows the current position. The second column shows the position change compared to the last ranking check.

    Click a keyword in the list to get detailed information about the keyword:

    You can search, filter and sort the list. This is useful if you only want to see the results for particular keywords:

    3. The ‘Top pages’ panel: find the top performers of your website

    The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler automatically checks the position of all web pages of your website. You only have to enter your domain name. This panel shows the pages of the checked site that have the most rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the checked keywords:

    Click on a page to see for which keywords the page is listed:

    4. The ‘Opportunities’ panel: invest your time wisely

    The ‘Opportunities’ panel is a great feature that helps you to invest your time wisely. It shows you which of your keywords can deliver many more visitors to your website. You will see keywords for which you can get first place rankings, top 3 rankings or first page rankings relatively easily:

    To improve the position of a web page for a particular keyword, just click the ‘Top 10′ button next to a keyword. The Top 10 Optimizer will tell you what you have to do to improve the position of the selected web page for the selected keyword.

    By focusing on the keywords that will get many more visitors to your website, you will invest your time as efficiently as possible.

    The ‘Alerts’ panel: quickly identify problems

    The ‘Alerts’ panel shows keywords and web pages whose rankings dropped dramatically. This enables you to identify potential problems as quickly as possible:

    The ‘Competitors’ panel: keep track of the competition

    The Ranking Monitor does more than giving you valuable information about the position of your website. It also checks the rankings of your competitors for your keywords:

    You will quickly see which of your competitors have better rankings than your site.

    The ‘Export’ panel: work with the raw data

    The CSV export file includes all keywords with their Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings of this week and last week. The export file enables you to work with your ranking data in other applications, for example you can import the file into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft® Excel® or OpenOffice.

    The ‘PDF report’ panel: create impressive reports for your clients

    The Ranking Monitor will be able to create impressive reports that you can show your clients and your boss. You can specify the contents of the reports:

    The PDF reports will be available for the Ranking Monitor and for all other tools in SEOprofiler (for example the link building tools, the keyword tools, the Top 10 Optimizer and the competitive intelligence tools).

    You will be able to customize the reports with your own colors, your own headers and footers, your own company logo and your own texts. Your clients won’t find out that you use SEOprofiler to create the reports.

    Fully integrated with the other tools in SEOprofiler

    The new Ranking Monitor will be integrated with the other tools in SEOprofiler. For example, the keyword research tools will contain a button that enables you to quickly add keywords to the Ranking Monitor:

    This button will be available in all SEOprofiler tools that contain keywords on the result pages. In addition, the Ranking Monitor pages enable you to quickly access the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler.

    If you find that the position of one of your web pages could be improved for a particular keyword, just click the ‘Top 10′ button to open the Top 10 Optimizer for the keyword and the web page:

    Coming December 2011

    The Ranking Monitor will be added to SEOprofiler in December 2011. We’re testing it thoroughly to make sure that you get rock-solid features that work as expected.

    We’re going to publish a detailed post about how the Ranking Monitor works next month when the Ranking Monitor is available. If you like what you see, please use the social buttons below and tell your friends about SEOprofiler:

    How to use the keyword permutator in SEOprofiler

    A keyword permutator is a great tool that can help you to quickly get targeted keyword lists for your Google AdWords campaigns. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the keyword permutator in SEOprofiler.

    Step 1: write down keyword ideas

    Say you run a shoe shop. You could use the following three keyword ideas:

    • hiking, sports, soccer, tennis
    • shoes, footwear, shoe
    • store, shop, deal, offer

    Step 2: Start the keyword combinator in SEOprofiler

    You can find the keyword combinator at the following location in SEOprofiler:

    Dashboard > Your project > Keywords > Collected keywords > Keyword combinator

    Enter the keyword ideas in the three boxes and click the “Create combinations” button. You will get 48 new keywords that you can use with your Google AdWords ads:

    Based on a few simple keyword ideas, the tool built an extensive list of keywords for you. This has several benefits:

    • You don’t have to type the keyword lists manually.
    • You get as many keyword combinations as possible.
    • You can focus on getting new ideas and the tool does the tedious work.

    Another advantage of using the keyword combinator tool in SEOprofiler is that it automatically generates themed keyword lists.

    If you have themed keyword lists, you can write targeted ads that point to targeted landing pages. This leads to a higher Google AdWords Quality Score and to higher conversion rates.

    Step 3: Optimize your keyword lists for your Google AdWords campaigns

    Of course, the Google AdWords keyword tools in SEOprofiler don’t stop after creating the keyword list. Click the “Add to collected keywords” button and you will get access to 10 tools that help you to optimize your keyword lists for your Google AdWords campaigns:

    For example, you can create different match type options, you can create British versions of the keywords, you can add local qualifiers and more.

    Many more keyword tools

    In addition, to the Google AdWords keyword tools, you can access many more keyword research and analysis tools in SEOprofiler:

    In short, SEOprofiler offers you everything that you need to find the best keywords for organic search engine optimization and paid search marketing.

    If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now.

    The value of a top 10 ranking on Google

    Everybody knows that it is important to be listed on Google’s first result page. However, how important is it exactly? How many clicks do the different positions on the first result page get and how much is a top 10 ranking worth in dollars?

    The distribution of clicks on the first search result page

    In April 2011, Optify published a new study that shows the distribution of clicks on the first search result page. According to their data, the number one result receives 36.4% of the clicks and the last result on the first result page gets 2.2% of all clicks.

    According to their data, 60% of the clicks go to the top three. The first result page gets 89% of all clicks. Ranking first on the second page has some benefits because there’s a slight bump for position eleven (2.6%, the first result for page two) over the last position on page one (2.2%, position ten). The next highest click through rate (CTR) on result page 2 is 1.5%. All other positions have lower CTRs.

    In June 2010, BrandSoftech published statistics based on the analysis of 63 websites that received 5,357,519 clicks from 29,327 different key phrases typed into Google. According to their study, the top result receives 38.19% of all clicks while the last listing on the first result page gets 2.59% of all clicks.

    Some years ago, AOL accidentially published the search data of 650,000 AOL users. That data also revealed how often the different search results were clicked. According to the AOL data, the top result gets 42.13% of all clicks and the last result gets 2.99% of the clicks.

    The Cornell University conducted a user-behavoir study focused around search behavoir specifically on Google. They used an eye-tracking study of a sample of undergraduate students to determine clicks and attention distribution. According to their data, 56.36% of all clicks go to the top ranked website. The last result on the first result page gets 2.55% of all clicks.

    All studies show that it is very important to be listed on the first result page and that the first result gets the majority of clicks:

    If your website is not listed on Google’s first result page for your most important keywords, you should do something about that. The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler can help you to get your website on Google’s first result page for keywords that deliver paying customers to your website.

    The financial value of a top 10 ranking on Google

    Having top 10 rankings is great but are the results really worth the time and effort? Here’s a simple example:

    • Say you run an ad on Google AdWords for a particular keyword that gets 10,000 impressions during a week. 200 visitors click the ad to visit your website.
    • 6 of these visitors purchase something on your website and the total profit is $500.

    The keyword delivers 200 visitors and 6 buyers to your website. The total profit is $500. That means that the average single visitor who finds your website through that keyword is worth $2.50 to your business (200 visitors created a profit of $500: $500/200 visitors = $2.50/visitor).

    In this example, 10,000 people search for the keyword every week. If your website was listed as the first result for the keyword, you would get 4327 visitors per week (43,27% of all clicks go to the top ranked page, as explained above, this example assumes that all searchers click a listing in the results).

    As the average visitors adds $2.50 to your profits (see above) you would earn $10,817.50 per week with just one top ranking.

    How to get your website on Google’s first result page

    This example shows how important it is to optimize your web pages for top rankings on Google. SEOprofiler offers you the tools that you need to get high rankings for keywords that deliver sales on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    After logging in to SEOprofiler, you can access the Top 10 Optimizer here:

    Dashboard > Your project > Optimization > Top 10 Optimizer

    If you haven’t done it yet, you can create a free SEOprofiler account now.

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