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  • SEOprofiler’s Starter backlinks tool is the easy way to get your website listed on Google and other search engines. Since today, we offer more than 500 resources, and we’re continually adding more.

    Why do you need the Starter backlinks?

    Getting high quality backlinks is difficult. The Starter backlinks tool makes it easier to get good backlinks, especially for new websites. The more backlinks your website has, the quicker and the more often search engine spiders will visit your web pages.

    I’ve heard that directory submission is dead?

    That’s true. There are thousands of low quality Internet directories out there that won’t help your search engine rankings at all. You will waste your time by submitting your site to these directories.

    The Starter backlinks in SEOprofiler are different

    The Starter backlinks in SEOprofiler are high quality websites that are sorted by the SEOprofiler Link Influence Score. Links from these websites have a positive effect on the search engine rankings of your website.

    When you visit the sites that are listed in the Starter backlinks you will quickly see that they are high quality sites. The Starter backlinks are available in 21 different categories:

    • 133 website directories
    • 47 blog directories
    • 22 affiliate program directories
    • 27 article directories
    • 14 award sites
    • 18 content sites
    • 14 eBook directories
    • 12 free resource directories
    • 12 job offer sites
    • 10 podcast directories
    • 28 press release sites
    • 17 question & answer sites
    • 16 shopping sites
    • 12 slide & presentation sites
    • 14 social media sites
    • 21 social news sites
    • 16 software directories
    • 7 tutorial directories
    • 11 video directories
    • 5 white paper directories
    • 51 yellow Pages sites

    Use the Starter backlinks for your website now. It’s free!

    Although there are no shortcuts in building links to your site, the Starter backlinks in SEOprofiler will help you to get good links as quickly as possible. The best thing for you: the Starter backlinks are available without limitations in the free version of SEOprofiler!

    If you haven’t done it yet, create a free SEOprofiler account now and submit your website to the Starter backlinks.

    Yahoo’s Site Explorer has been a very important source for businesses who want to get SEO relevant information about their competitors. Yahoo announced that their popular service will be closed this year.

    The free analysis in SEOprofiler is a good alternative to Yahoo Site Explorer. Enter a domain name to test it:

    More information than Yahoo’s Site Explorer

    Yahoo’s Site Explorer shows a small sample of the backlinks that point to a website. The free analysis on SEOprofiler offers much more information:

    • the total number of backlinks that point to a website
    • the number of different websites that point to a site
    • the titles of the linking pages and the anchor texts that are used in the links
    • the Link Rank and the Link Influence Score of the analyzed domain
    • the most popular anchor texts and the strongest pages of the analyzed domain
    • information about the link type (nofollow, image link, etc.)

    Registered SEOprofiler users can download up to 30,000 backlinks per domain and they get detailed information about every single backlink. SEOprofiler also offers a powerful backlink manager and many useful link building tools.

    Much more than backlinks

    Yahoo’s Site Explorer focuses on backlinks. With SEOprofiler, you get the backlinks of a website and detailed information about the Google rankings and the Google AdWords of the site:

    • the keywords for which the analyzed website is listed on Google
    • the regions in which the analyzed website is listed on Google
    • the keywords for which the analyzed website advertises on Google
    • the ads that the analyzed website runs on Google

    Add a site explorer search box to your website

    Copy and paste the following HTML code snippet to your web page to offer your website visitors an easy way to get detailed information about the backlinks, Google rankings and Google AdWords of a website:

    Analyze your website now:

    We welcome the 10,000th registered user

    This month, the 10,000th user has opened an account at (free and paid accounts combined).

    We’re happy to see that so many people like the powerful SEO tools that we offer. :-)

    This quarter, we’re going to release two new major features:

    • A powerful ranking checker with detailed information about the rankings of your own website and the rankings of your competitors. You will be able to enter your own keywords and you will get actionable information that will help you to get more visitors through Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      Estimated release date: November 2011

    • White-label PDF reports for many tools in SEOprofiler. You will be able to create impressive PDF reports in your company design. The reports will be available for the ranking checker, the Top 10 Optimizer, the link building tools and many more tools in SEOprofiler. Use the PDF reports to impress your boss and your clients. The reports won’t have any reference to SEOprofiler.

      Estimated release date: December 2011

    If you haven’t done it yet, create a free account now.

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