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  • With SEOprofiler, you can quickly analyze websites while surfing the web, even if you’re not a paying SEOprofiler customer.

    How to get an instant analysis of any site:

    • Step 1: Click and drag the following link to the bookmark bar in your web browser: Analyze this site
    • Step 2: Click the “Analyze this site” button in your bookmarks bar while surfing the web to get an instant analysis.

    Detailed information about the backlinks, rankings and Google AdWords ads

    After clicking the button, you will get detailed information about the backlinks, Google rankings and Google AdWords ads of the website.

    1. Backlink information

    The backlink analysis panel shows you the total and unique number of backlinks, the Link Rank and Link Influence Score of the site, the most popular anchor texts, the strongest pages and much more information:

    2. Ranking information

    The ranking panel shows you the keywords for which the website has high rankings on Google. You can also see the pages of the site that have high rankings and the competitors of the site:

    3. Google AdWords information

    The AdWords panel lets you spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of the website. You will see the ads that the website runs, the keywords for which the website advertises and much more:

    Just click and drag the following link to the bookmark bar in your web browser to get this information for any website that you visit: Analyze this site

    The “Analyze this site” bookmarklet is not the only bookmarklet that you can use with SEOprofiler. You can also use the “Add to link manager” bookmarklet to add any websites to the link manager in SEOprofiler while surfing the web.

    KeywordIndex™ now with 25 regions and 20% more keywords

    Our keyword suggestion tool KeywordIndex™ now supports 25 different regions and many more languages. In addition, the KeywordIndex™ database now offers 20% more keywords:

    Google’s own keyword tools show keywords that work to Google’s advantage because Google earns more money then. KeywordIndex™ helps you to find keywords that work to your advantage.

    Instead of raising the bids for your current keywords, use KeywordIndex™ to find new keywords that will deliver a good return-on-investment for a lower price.

    The best performing keywords from 25 different regions

    KeywordIndex™ now supports the following regions and languages:

    English (USA), English (Great Britain), English (Australia), English (Canada), English (India), English (New Zealand), English (Ireland), English (South Africa), German (Germany), German (Austria), German (Switzerland), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Argentina), Dutch (Netherlands), French (France), Italian (Italy), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Danish (Denmark), Norwegian (Norway), Swedish (Sweden), Turkish (Turkey)

    In addition to the new regions, the existing keyword databases have been improved so that they now offer 20% more keywords.

    Fully integrated with the Top 10 Optimizer and other SEOprofiler tools

    KeywordIndex™ is fully integrated with the Top 10 Optimizer and the other keyword tools in SEOprofiler. If you find a good keyword, just click the “Top 10″ button in the result list to optimize one of your web pages for that keyword.

    You can also optimize the keywords that you collect with KeywordIndex™ in the keyword optimization tools in SEOprofiler:

    You can access the new KeywordIndex™ keyword suggestion tool here:

    SEOprofiler > Dashboard > Your project > Keywords > KeywordIndex™

    Login to your account now or become a member to access all SEOprofiler tools now.

    The Top 10 Optimizer now also analyzes Google +1 clicks

    One of the main tools in SEOprofiler is the Top 10 Optimizer. The Top 10 Optimizer is a great tool that helps you to get first page rankings on Google for any keyword.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. You enter your web page URL and a keyword.
    2. The Top 10 Optimizer analyzes your web page and it tells you how to change your page so that it gets on Google’s first result page for the keyword.

    A detailed analysis of all important ranking elements

    The Top 10 Optimizer analyzes all elements that are important to get high rankings on Google
    It works so well that we can offer a top 10 ranking guarantee. The table of contents of a Top 10 Optimizer report looks like this:

    Among many other factors, the Top 10 Optimizer now also analyzes the number of Google +1 clicks that a web page receives. Google has confirmed that +1 clicks will be used in Google’s ranking algorithm. The Top 10 Optimizer analysis takes this into account.

    How does the Top 10 Optimizer work in detail?

    The web pages that currently have top rankings on Google must have done everything right. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have top rankings. For that reason, it makes sense to analyze the contents, the backlinks and the social ranking factors of the top ranked pages.

    By analyzing the top ranked pages, you can quickly find out which elements of your own web page have to be changed and how you have to change your web page so that it will be listed on Google’s first result page.

    This optimization method has several advantages:

    • The Top 10 Optimizer always works with Google’s latest ranking algorithm because it is based on the analysis of the current top 3 results. That means that the advice is always-up-to date, specific and accurate.
    • The advice is custom-tailored to your web page and your keyword. You get detailed advice on how to get your web page for your keyword on Google’s first result page.
    • Individual ranking algorithms are automatially taken into account. Google uses different algorithms based on the type of the keyword (keywords for research, commercial keywords, etc.). The Top 10 Optimizer automatically takes this into account and you will get custom advice that is based on the exact ranking algorithm for your keyword.

    The Top 10 Optimizer is the fastest way to get your web pages on Google’s first result page.
    If you want to know how to get your web pages on Google’s first result pages for keywords that deliver paying customers, use the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler.

    Why SEOprofiler is better than Google Webmaster tools

    Two weeks ago, Google has changed the way they count links from subdomains. Google now counts links from subdomains as internal links.

    For example, a link from to counts as a same site link in Google webmaster tools. SEOprofiler counts and as two different domains. This change in Google Webmaster Tools is a good opportunity to remind you that the backlink tools in SEOprofiler provide much better backlink data than Google’s tools:

    1. You get backlink data for any website: Google Webmaster Tools only show you the backlinks of your own website. SEOprofiler gives you the backlinks of any website on the Internet, including the websites of your competitors.
    2. You get much better backlink information:The backlinks of your competitors are by far more interesting than the backlinks of your own website because these competitor links can help you to improve the position of your website on Google and other search engines.

      In addition, SEOprofiler also shows you the backlinks of your own website that should be improved. That’s an easy way to increase your rankings.

    3. You get many more backlinks: Regardless of the numbers that Google shows in the Webmaster Tools interface, you will get only one link per domain when you export the backlink data. With SEOprofiler, you get up to 30,000 backlinks.
    4. You get much more detailed information: With SEOprofiler, you get anchor texts, the titles of the linking pages, the position of the link on the linking page, the ratio of internal and external links on the linking page (as well as the total numbers) and much more information.
    5. You save time: With SEOprofiler, you do not only get a lot of important additional information for each link, we also sort and arrange the links for you so that you find the most important links as quickly as possible.

    Save time and get actionable backlinks

    Join SEOprofiler now and compare the backlink data that you get from SEOprofiler with the backlink data that you get from any other source.

    You will see that the data that you get from SEOprofiler is much more detailed and much more actionable than data from other sources. In addition, all backlink analysis tools in SEOprofiler are fully integrated with IBP’s link manager that will give you even more information about each page. Try it now!

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