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  • One of the most exciting tools in SEOprofiler is the Top 10 Optimizer. The Top 10 Optimizer helps you to get your website on Google’s first result page.

    Get in Google's top 10 results

    Step by step instructions on how to get top 10 rankings

    Select “Optimization > Top 10 Optimizer” in SEOprofiler. Then enter the URL of the web page that you want to get on Google’s first result page and the keyword for which you want to be listed:

    Top 10 Optimizer

    The Top 10 Optimizer will retrieve the URLs of the web pages that currently have a top ranking on Google for the chosen keyword. It will analyze these pages and it will tell you why these pages are listed on Google’s first result page.

    More importantly, the Top 10 Optimizer report will tell you how to change your own web page so that it will be listed in Google’s top results for the chosen keyword.

    Detailed on-page optimization analysis

    You will get a detailed analysis of the top ranked pages and recommendations on how to change your own web page so that it can get a page one ranking for the chosen keyword.

    • In which web page elements should use use the targeted keyword?
    • How often should use use the keyword in these elements?
    • In which elements should you remove the keyword to avoid over-optimization?
    • The Top 10 Optimizer analyzes all important web page elements.

    Your advantage: The report contains individual advice that is tailored to your website and your keyword. No one-size fits all approach. This is about your specific web page and your specific keyword.

    Detailed backlink analysis

    The Top 10 Optimizer will show you the links that you need to get on Google’s first result page. Fortunately, SEOprofiler also offers link building tools that help you to get these links.

    • How many backlinks do the top ranked websites have?
    • How many of these links contain the targeted keyword?
    • How many backlinks are needed to get on the first result page?
    • What is the quality of the links that point to the pages?
    • How many of the links are nofollow and much more information.

    A detailed analysis of the important backlinks.

    Your advantage: SEOprofiler does not only tell you which links you need. SEOprofiler also offers you the tools to get these backlinks. It’s an all-in-one solution that enables you to get results.

    Detailed statistics about all factors that are needed to get top rankings

    • How many visitors do the top ranked sites get?
    • What is the age of the top ranked sites?
    • How fast are their servers?
    • How often are the top ranked sites mentioned on Facebook and Twitter?
    • Everything else that is important:

    This is a proven method that works: top 10 rankings or money back!

    The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler assigns a ranking score to your web page. The more elements you change according to the recommendations of the Top 10 Optimizer, the higher the score.

    If you change your web page according to the recommendations of the Top 10 Optimizer and reach a score of at least 95%, your web page will get on Google’s first result page.

    If your web page does not get a first page ranking on Google after getting a 95% score from the Top 10 Optimizer, you will get your money back! We’re 100% confident that you will get the best possible results with the Top 10 Optimizer.

    If you haven’t done it yet, try SEOprofiler now.

    How to turn citations into real backlinks

    Getting new backlinks can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are some relatively easy ways to get backlinks to your site. One way to get “easy” links is to turn citations/web references into real backlinks.

    Chances are that there are websites that mention your site without actually linking to it. These website already know your site and it’s likely that the author of the page mentioned your product because he or she likes it.

    Step 1: Find websites that mention your website without linking to your site

    Start the “Current links optimizer” in SEOprofiler and enter the URL of your website:

    The current links optimizer will show you a list of websites that mention your site without linking to it.

    Step 2: Contact the other websites and ask for a link

    When you contact the author of the page, personalize your message. Use the author’s name, show your appreciation for the mention and mention the topic of the post.

    Make it clear that you want to make it easier to access your website directly from the page that mentions your article. Avoid SEO topics in your email message.

    Next step: optimize your other links

    The “Current links optimizer” in SEOprofiler will also show you web pages that link to your website with unhelpful link texts such as “click here” or “more”. Turning these backlinks into backlinks with a more meaningful anchor text will also positively influence the position of your website in search engines.

    SEOprofiler offers many sophicsticated tools that help you to improve the backlinks to your website. If you haven’t done it yet, try the full version now.

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