Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Fully automated SEO solutions are tempting. They are also very risky!

We all don’t have much time to promote our websites. For that reason, many people fall for the promises of shady internet marketers that promise quick and easy solutions.

Many of these spam methods work great for some time. That’s why so many people use them. When (not if!) Google finds out that you are using such a method to promote your website, chances are that your website will be removed from Google’s index:

Spam SEO methods

Search engines don’t like to be cheated. Google’s engineers are working hard on detecting spam methods that are used to manipulate their search results. So far, every “secret method that will boost your Google rankings in no time” has been detected by Google.

Most search engines consider the following spam:

  • cloaking (the web server shows different pages to search engine spiders and human web surfers)
  • misleading redirects
  • hidden text (text that has a color that is very similar to the background color, text in very small font sizes, text that has been hidden with CSS styles, etc.)
  • participation in automated linking schemes
  • artificial blog networks that exist for the sole purpose of linking to other websites
  • automatically created forum profiles with links to your site
  • automatically created blog comments with links to your site
  • paid links that do not use the rel=nofollow tag

If you use shady SEO methods, search engines might completely ban your website. For that reason, it is very important that you only use safe methods to promote your site.

SEOprofiler is a safe tool that creates a win-win-win situation!

SEOprofiler only uses search engine optimization methods that play by the rules. These methods are called white-hat SEO. This has several advantages:

  • Search engines: They win as they are provided with pages that are easy to understand and that contain the quality information that their visitors search for.
  • Searchers: They win as they are getting what they ask for from the search engines. They search for “inexpensive lcd tv” and get a page about inexpensive LCD TV’s.
  • Web site owners: They win as they are getting quality visitors who are interested in what their website has to offer.

If you use safe SEO methods, it will take a little longer until you get high search engine rankings. Your rankings will grow steadily and you’ll get a much better performance in the long run:

Ethical SEO methods

SEOprofiler helps you to build websites that are beneficial to web surfers, website owners and search engines. This leads to lasting high rankings on Google and other search engines.

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