Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

The different report pages

In addition to the list of errors and instructions that can be found on the ‘Checked files’ page, the website audit tool also offers pages that aggregate the most important issues of the website:

Content topics

The content topics page shows the words and topics that appear the most often on the analyzed pages. If a word appears very often on the pages of a website, chances are that the website is relevant to that topic.

Duplicate content

This page shows the contents that appear multiple times on the analyzed pages. If content appears multiple times on a website, it is more difficult for search engines to find the most relevant page of the website for that content.

Links to internal pages

This page shows the internal link structure of the analyzed website. Web pages that can be reached with fewer clicks from the home page are usually more important than other pages.

Links to external pages

This page shows the most linked external pages. If a website often links to a particular external website, search engines might think that there is a relation between the analyzed website and the linked website.


The performance page shows how long the pages on your website need to load. Faster web pages are good for search engines and the user experience.


The security pages gives an overview of the security settings of the analyzed website.

Structured data

Web pages that contain structured data markup code often stick out on the search results page. This page gives you an overview of structured data markup code use on your web pages.


The technologies page shows you the technologies that are used on the analyzed web pages (AMP, Apple Touch Icons, etc.).


The indexability page shows if the pages of your website can be indexed correctly. Pages with indexability problems cannot get high rankings on search engines.

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