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The website audit tool

A professional SEO audit provides deep insights into the current state of your site. It is crucial if you want to run a successful Internet marketing campaign.

You get a report that shows all website issues that should be corrected. By correcting these issues, you make sure that Google and other search engines can index all of your pages correctly.

Everything you need to know about your web pages

The Website Audit tool analyzes all elements that influence the position of your web pages on Google and other search engines. The results are clearly arranged:

website audit overview

Easy to understand: actionable items and clear instructions

It’s good to be informed when there’s something wrong with your pages. It’s even better if you also get instructions on how to fix the errors. The website audit tool shows you how to remove the errors from your pages:

website audit details

Comprehensive: the most complete SEO website audit tool

In addition to the actionable items that help you to fix the errors on your pages, we also parse the data to show you the most important statistics.

For example, you get statistics about internal and external links, indexability problems, an analysis of the robots.txt file of the website, statistics about the speed of the pages, the topics on the pages, security settings, and much more.

website audit menu

The Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler gives you all the data that you need.

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