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Official Google answers to common SEO questions

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All questions with the tag “Ajax/Javascript”:

Question Views
1. Improving website performance with Page Speed 2,620
2. How effective is Google now at handling content supplied via Ajax? 1,632
3. Is first link priority an on-page SEO factor? 1,347
4. Can you confirm if the Google SERPs are moving to AJAX, if so how do you think it will affect analytics which rely on the keyword information being in the URL? 1,221
5. If I use Google Analytics to track conversions on my ecommerce website, would that have a negative effect in Google SERP? 1,171
6. With the recent news about website speed being included in the Google metrics, how will Google allow for slow third party ad servers (including AdWords) dragging a site's load speed down? 1,156
7. Prefetching resources 1,107
8. Now that Google can crawl JavaScript links, what is going to happen with all those paid links that were behind JavaScript code? 1,103
9. Do your SERPs return the exact same results on all browsers? 1,090
10. Google announced page load speed matters for ranking. Should we be doing content-only pages for Google bots? 1,054
11. Will Google ever offer (through Webmaster Tools or an API) a keyword ranking report similar to what Web Position and various other scrapers do? 1,028
12. How will Google search work with dynamic HTML pages (and I don't mean JSP or other Web 1.0 technologies), like applications that are built with GWT? 1,028
13. If I externalize all CSS style definitions and JavaScript scripts and disallow all user agents from accessing these external files (via robots.txt), would this cause problems for Googlebot? 989
14. JavaScript and email addresses 955
15. Can we feed Googlebot a version of a page that does not contain any advertising code (JavaScript or otherwise)? 946
16. What is the nofollow equivalent for JavaScript links/redirections (now that you follow those too)? 901
17. Does Google Analytics have plans to start adding specific tools around Web 2.0 or social media websites? 869

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